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ASTRA 10' 3,5lb

New For 2018 - Astra 10 '3.5lb rod


  • Unique patented blank design (Fir-Tree);

  • Material Toray 40 + 46T (55-66msi);

  • Finish plain 1K;

  • Blank Protection with two component varnish 2K;

  • K-series Guides:

     30mm - 25mm - 20mm - 15mm - 12mm - 12mm;

  • Reel seat Fuji DNPSD 16;

  • Original design fully machined Butt Cap made of titanium;

  • The weight of the rod is only 242g.

A tiny dot in a starry sky - A huge powerful star in reality!
So the Astra, in spite of its apparent tininess, is a very powerful tool for a wide range of tasks.
The rod can be used both for
shore fishing, as well as for catching from the water surface and boat fishing. Also it may be a good Stalking rod!
Having small transport dimensions, light weight and good casting
potential, this is a real universal rod.
A specially designed Butt Cap allows you to securely fix the rod with a
shackle or in another way.

Dmitry Lavrinenko's test of our new for 2018 Astra 10' 3,5lb rod. Lead 80g. Distance achieved 150 m. Weather conditions minus 5 С with a bit of headwind. The rod has a very good powere reserve. We will do some more tests with the heavier leads this coming spring...

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